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One of the best things about our job is creating confident, beautiful smiles. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic makeover, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We have options for your treatment including traditional metal, gold, tooth-colored, or lingual braces. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to learn more!

Use the sliders below to reveal some braces transformations. All photos are of actual patients treated at Bankhead Orthodontics. Yes, Everyone!


This 21-year-old patient had concerns with her deep bite (notice how you can’t see her bottom teeth in the ‘before’ photos). Additionally, her front teeth were tipped-back, a condition called retroclined incisors. Braces are a great treatment option for treating deep bites and retroclined incisors. Her bite corrected nicely and she couldn’t be happier with the results.


This 13-year-old patient was unhappy with his smile and crooked and rotated teeth. Braces are a great option for addressing his blocked-out canine tooth and deep bite. Today’s braces are smaller and less noticeable than ever before. This patient loves his result and is eager to flash his smile whenever he can.


This teenage patient had concerns with her smile and blocked-out upper tooth and wanted it corrected before she started high school. During her complimentary consultation it was decided that braces were the best treatment option. A treatment plan was developed that addressed her deep bite, crowding, and blocked out tooth. The patient was thrilled at her beautiful, functional, and healthy result.


This 13-year-old patient and her parents had concerns about her excessive overjet (distance between her upper and lower teeth). This condition occurs when the lower jaw is significantly behind the upper jaw. Braces and elastics (rubber bands) were used to align the teeth, correct the bite, and give a near-perfect smile.


This 9-year-old patient presented with a large Class III underbite (top teeth behind his bottom teeth). Orthodontic treatment corrected his bite, aligned his teeth and provided him with an amazing smile.


This adult patient presented our office with an anterior crossbite and concerns with her smile. Numerous treatment options were presented and the patient elected to go with Clear Braces, as she desired a cosmetic treatment option. In a little over 18 months her malocclusion corrected beautifully and she was thrilled with the great results.


This 12-year-old patient had concerns with her severe crowding and rotated teeth. Both non-extraction and extraction treatment plans were presented, and we selected a non-extraction plan that would create a beautiful, broad smile. Braces paired with SureSmile were used to create the perfect, functional smile.


This 12-year-old patient, her parents, and their dentist had concerns about her high erupting canine tooth and her bite. Braces were an effective and efficient option for correcting the problems and producing a great result. And the best part is that it all happened in less than 15 months!


This teenage male had a severe deep bite and a blocked out maxillary canine tooth. Our treatment plan was aimed at correcting the deep bite and aligning the teeth. Both the patient and his parents were happy at the final results that are both functional and healthy.


This 12-year-old female patient was not happy with her smile and wanted to fix her prominent canine teeth. Braces were a great treatment option for this patient. She also did great wearing her elastics and couldn’t be more thrilled with her results!

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