Kids (Ages 6-11)


We all want what's best for our kids, so it's natural for your mind to start buzzing with questions:

  • When should my child have their first orthodontic exam?
  • Will those spaces between my son's teeth close?
  • Are my daughter's jaws fitting together correctly?
  • Does my child need all of his or her adult teeth in before getting braces?

Each child presents with his or her own set of facial and dental issues that may require early treatment or monitoring over time.  But rest assured, we specialize in easing parents' minds via outstanding dental education.  The good news is that most kids won't need braces until all of their adult teeth have erupted, but there are some exceptions that require early interceptive treatment.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids have their first orthodontic observation by age 7 in order to rule out certain growth disturbances or detrimental oral habits.  

We believe so much in the importance of these early observations that we offer free exams and consultations, enabling us to plan ahead and monitor your child's growth and development.  Our doctors will perform a thorough examination and explain all findings in easy-to-understand terms.  But most importantly, these visits allow us to launch a fun, relaxed, and trusting relationship.

Common Treatment for Kids:

  • Observation - No Treatment.  Many times the best treatment decision is deciding to do nothing!  The majority of youngsters fall into this category and are seen every six months so that we can observe their facial and dental development.  These early semi-annual visits put us in a great position for deciding the best option(s) when or if treatment will be needed.
  • Phase I Braces - A few braces on the front four teeth and some of the back teeth can close big spaces, create space in crowded cases, fix cross-bites, or prevent situations that may lead to future issues.  It also creates a ridiculously awesome smile as an added bonus!  This phase of braces is geared towards developing the jaws and creating the foundation for eruption of subsequent adult teeth.  A retainer is worn following this stage of treatment until the child is ready for the second phase of treatment.
  • Expanders - This allows us to make room for crowded teeth by slowly widening the jaws. Don't sweat - everything from how it works to how long you'll need it will be thoroughly explained during the consultation appointment!

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