Why Choose Us

Simply put, you are your smile.  Your smile will be with you on your first date to the movies, at your high school graduation, and on your wedding day.  It's also with you for every laugh and great memory in between and to follow.  Whether you're young or simply young at heart, we want our patients to look at life with the confidence of a stunning smile.


Our Practice Philosophy

We like to keep things simple.  Our entire practice is built on two principles: producing amazing results and creating the best experience possible.  That's it!  If we get through treatment and all you have is straight teeth, we've failed.  We're about making orthodontics one of the best experiences of your life.  We're certain that you won't find a more caring team, happier patients, or better smiles anywhere else.


Four Minds Are Stronger Than One

doc2.jpgHow cool is it that you get the experience of four orthodontic specialists? Take the knowledge of one orthodontist, and now multiply it by 4!  Having this much brainpower offers a unique element to our practice - our case review conference.  During these sessions, our doctors discuss cases as a team, ensuring that all treatment options are discussed and nothing is missed.  We believe that utilizing the experience of our 4 orthodontic specialists, rather then relying on the mind of a single practitioner, assures the best care is being provided to our patients.  


Investment in the Latest Technologies

We love technology!  Do we have to invest in the most advanced technology and cutting-edge techniques in the orthodontic world?  Of course not. But when it benefits our patients it's a no brainer.  Our practice uses the most advanced techniques such as:Elite 2015

  • SureSmile - Less than 1% of all orthodontic practices have invested in this technology.  Our doctors aren't just experts with SureSmile, they actually teach the course in Dallas, Texas to orthodontists from around the world.
  • Invisalign - We are one of the few Elite Premier Invisalign Providers in the Greater St. Louis Area.  This means you can be confident that you're receiving outstanding, experienced care from a team of doctors who fully understand the best ways to use Invisalign.
  • Lingual (Inside) Braces - Less than 1% of all orthodontic practices worldwide treat with lingual braces.  We are proud to be the largest provider of lingual braces in the entire Midwest.  Simply put, treatment like this isn't available anywhere else!


We're Affordable!

Let's get to your big question - How much does it cost??  We understand that the cost of treatment is a major factor in deciding whether a patient gets treatment.  While the cost of treatment varies depending on the type of treatment selected, complexity, and duration, we're proud that our average treatment fee is below that found in the Greater St. Louis Area.  CLICK HERE to visit our financial information page.


In House Lab

In orthodontics, timing is crucial. Our in-house lab allows us to get important appliances made for our patients in days or even hours rather than weeks or months.  We take pride in making over 90% of our appliances in-house, giving us control over the precise details of the fabrication process.