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Our practice is dedicated to providing quality orthodontic treatment for adults, teens and kids in a fun, caring, and professional environment.   We are proud to offer eight convenient locations throughout Missouri and Illinois:

We offer many ways to straighten your teeth, from tried-and-true metal braces and Invisalign to wires bent by robots and lingual braces that go on the inside surfaces of your teeth!  We believe in offering many options because no two people (or mouths) are the same.  Rest assured - we'll be sure to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle and teeth.

So go ahead. Explore your options. Ask us. Tell us. We'll listen!

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SureSmile® is a revolutionary technology that combines 3-D imaging, treatment planning, and customized precision archwires to provide the best results that orthodontics can achieve. Amazing Results, Faster Treatment. Read More


The Invisalign® System is a series of clear aligners that have been generated by computer simulation to gradually move the teeth. We're an Elite Preferred Provider. Read More

Lingual (Hidden) Braces

Having braces doesn’t mean you have to have a “tin grin.” Hide your braces, not your smile with behind-the-teeth lingual braces. Read More